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Presenters are representatives from the three initial Centers of Excellence libraries for the Collaborative Federal Depository Program and will provide a general overview of the program while discussing some of the benefits, challenges and outcomes of developing a COE collection.
The mercurial state of public libraries’ relationship with e-books and their publishers is not always an easy issue to understand. This one-hour, on-demand webinar features a discussion of the current state of e-books with regards to public libraries and the publishing industry. Points cover current and best practices as well as what will be coming down the pike.
The business education is facing new trends in creating engaged and collegiate environment, enhancing data-driven decision making, developing new education models such as experiential learning, integrating new technology to support greater customization and specialization, and designing curriculums around the trending topics on corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship, leadership and globalization. How can business librarians respond to these trends and shift our roles to meet new challenges? This webinar will address these key questions and introduce some good practices in the field.
In this informative hourlong Booklist webcast, librarian, reference experts, and publishers discuss the evolution of reference collections, their role today, and what they might look like in the future. Sponsored by World Book, M. E. Sharpe, Encyclopedia Britannica, and ABC-CLIO.
Community members enter public libraries every day, hoping to complete life tasks many of us take for granted, but lacking the basic computer skills to accomplish them. can complement the classes and one-on-one training your library staff are already providing. is a collection of video-based tutorials to help inexperienced and low-level learners with computers and the internet. This free on-demand overview of PLA’s digital literacy tool for libraries includes specific information on how your library can start the process of creating its own DigitalLearn site.
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As part of the learning process, all participants will join in discussions and complete short assignments in order to receive CE credits. Additionally, you will be provided an opportunity to research the literature specific to your own professional. All students will also complete a series of short answer questions and a small final project.
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Users expect the impossible. Xtreme Bibliographic Searching for reference and interlibrary loan will show you sources and techniques to make the impossible possible. Bad citations, international publications, unpublished works, extremely old and extremely new materials may not be lost causes for a skilled searcher with a few tricks and tools. This four-week class, taught by Christian Baich from IUPUI and Collette Mak from Notre Dame will take you from Mansel Pre 56 to Digital Repositories, DOAJ to Trove to HathiTrust. Don’t know those terms? This course is for you!