Human Resources & Staff Development

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How do we move from a scattershot evaluation process which nearly everyone dreads to one that effectively resolves issues and motivates employees to stretch with full managerial support? The Toledo-Lucas County (Ohio) Public Library has developed a hybrid evaluation process that achieves these goals yet remains flexible enough to work for all employees. Most people dread evaluations; this library has worked hard to make them inspirational and effective. Hear their story and see what they’ve developed. — PREVIEW AVAILABLE
This e-Forum addresses best practices in training as they relate to hard and soft skills for technical services staff. Topics include assessing needs, ensuring that staff apply what they learn, evaluating effectiveness, and overcoming obstacles specific to technical services.
In this 60-minute workshop, Ryan Dowd, author of The Librarian's Guide to Homelessness: An Empathy-Driven Approach to Solving Problems, provides you with a greater understanding of patrons affected by homelessness and their communication styles.