Roadmap to JPEG2000 (LITA)

The session will include presentations by three implementers of the JPEG2000 standard in three different institutions. The presenters will cover how they have used the standard for preservation or access or both. They will outline the steps in their workflow process, the settings and standards they are using, as well as their hardware/software/environment. This session will go beyond previous sessions that may have delved into the theoretical questions of "what" and "why" to begin the discussion of "how." The hope is that this will contribute to the small but growing dialogue on best practices for the implementation of this robust and promising format.

As there are few established best practices and standards for use of the format as of yet, widespread adoption has been limited. By sharing the practices that are emerging in various institutions, the session can help those struggling to overcome this barrier to be able to enjoy the many benefits JPEG2000 can offer. While the session will cover in some detail digitization workflows and practices of interest to technical staff, it will still offer useful information to project leaders and other library staff to best take advantage of this new standard.

Learning Outcomes

Ideas for best practices in implementing the JPEG2000 standard.

Who Should Attend

Technical staff, digitization project leaders and other library staff


Bill Comstock (Harvard University)

Gretchen Gueguen (University of Virginia)

Andrew Laas (ProQuest)


How to Register

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