II.7 Responding to the ERP Report

Programs have two opportunities to respond to the ERP report, which is submitted after the site visit has been completed. In both cases, responses are optional.

II.7.1 Optional response to correct errors of fact in the draft ERP report

The draft ERP report, due three weeks after the site visit, is sent from the Chair to the Dean and Director. The program then has one week to respond to correct errors of fact in the draft report so that the information in the final ERP report is factually correct. This response goes only to the ERP Chair (and panel) and the Director and is not seen by the COA. Examples of facts include names, titles, dates, statistical information, etc.

II.7.2 Optional response to the final ERP report

After the final ERP report is received, the program has one week to submit a response. The purpose of this optional response is to provide additional evidence to that in the Program Presentation, to refute or bolster information presented in the ERP report, to provide an update on program developments since the site visit, or to respond to impressions or omissions in the ERP report. This optional response becomes a part of the permanent comprehensive review documentation and is read by the COA.