I.7 Accreditation statuses

The statuses of accreditation are:

Precandidate for accreditation
Precandidacy indicates the institution’s and program’s commitment to achieving ALA accreditation. Precandidacy also provides the program and the COA with a means to communicate formally about programmatic development. Programs with precandidacy status do not appear in the directory of ALA-accredited programs. See Section I.8.

Candidate for accreditation
Candidacy status indicates that the program is ready to begin the two-year process that culminates in the Program Presentation, comprehensive review of the program, and the COA’s accreditation decision. Programs with candidacy status do not appear in the directory of ALA-accredited programs. See Section I.9.

Initial accreditation
Initial accreditation status indicates that a program has been accredited by the ALA for the first time. This may be a new program, an existing program at a school with another accredited master’s program, and/or an established, previously unaccredited program. See Section I.11.

Continued accreditation
A program that has continuously demonstrated evidence of conformity with the Standards is referred to as accredited. See Section I.12.

Conditional accreditation
This status is assigned to a program that must make changes to comply with the Standards to enable accreditation beyond the date specified by the COA. Programs with conditional accreditation status remain accredited and are listed in the directory of ALA-accredited programs. See Section I.13.

Withdrawn accreditation
This category is assigned to a program that, effective on the date specified, is no longer accredited by the ALA. See Section I.14.

The Directory of ALA-Accredited Master's Programs in Library and Information Studies lists all programs with initial, continued, and conditional status. Programs with conditional status are clearly noted. Programs with withdrawn accreditation status are listed only in the Historical List of Accredited Programs.