I.5 The Office for Accreditation

The Office for Accreditation provides planning, leadership, and a secretarial function in implementing the ALA accreditation process. In fulfilling these roles, the Office serves multiple constituencies: the COA, ALA members, the LIS profession, graduate programs, students, employers, and the general public.

I.5.1 Responsibilities of the Office for Accreditation

Among the responsibilities of the Office for Accreditation are:

  • Coordinating and supporting activities that are directly related to the accreditation of master’s programs of education for library and information studies;
  • Maintaining relationships with other accrediting agencies within the accreditation community, including CHEA and ASPA;
  • Maintaining contact with programs. This may include programs that are in the process of undergoing a comprehensive review or those that are interested in seeking accreditation from the ALA;
  • Providing information to graduate programs, potential students, employers, ALA members, the press, and the general public about the accreditation process, policies, and procedures, as well as the accreditation status of specific graduate LIS programs;
  • Providing programs, publications, and other activities to promote the awareness and enhance the knowledge of ALA members, other library and information associations, and the general public about the ALA accreditation process, trends in library and information studies education, and trends in higher education accreditation;
  • Maintaining a schedule of comprehensive reviews and making it available at any time on request from the Office;
  • Maintaining the Directory of ALA-Accredited Master’s Programs in Library and Information Studies.

I.5.2 Directory of ALA-accredited programs

A current directory of ALA-accredited master’s programs in Library and Information Studies is available in several different formats.

  • Directory of ALA-accredited programs in a searchable database format
  • Directory of ALA-accredited programs as a Google Map
  • Directory of ALA-accredited programs by institution
  • Directory of ALA-accredited programs in pdf format (updated twice yearly)

A historical list of all ALA-accredited programs accredited since 1925 is also available.

I.5.3 Schedule of reviews

The Office maintains a schedule of comprehensive reviews that is available on request and on its website. This schedule assures the profession and the public that the COA reviews programs in a regular and timely manner.