I.23 Fees

Among the responsibilities of accredited programs is the payment of fees to support the accreditation process. The COA reviews fees regularly and makes adjustments if needed. Programs are notified of any fee change six (6) months before the billing date. See Section 1.23.1 below for the current fee schedule.

The Office for Accreditation is responsible for assessing and collecting fees as follows:

Precandidacy fee
Programs filing for precandidacy status must submit an application fee. Precandidate programs must pay an annual fee while in precandidacy.

Candidacy fee
When applying for accreditation a program must pay an application fee. An annual fee is assessed each year that the program is in candidacy.

Accreditation fee
Accredited programs pay an annual accreditation fee. The annual accreditation fee is billed no later than October 15.

Comprehensive review fee
Programs pay an accreditation fee for each comprehensive review. In addition, the school is responsible for all review-related expenses, including, but not limited to, preparation and distribution of documents; conference calls and other communication modes such as internet access; and travel, lodging, and meals for any on-site visit by members of the ERP. The ALA Office for Accreditation invoices the program for panel expenses and comprehensive review fees after the visit has occurred. Comprehensive Review fees are billed within 60 days following the visit.

It is important to the integrity of the accreditation process that no payment be made by the program directly to panelists. Although expenses for the review are ultimately paid by the program, the process requires panelists to submit all receipts for out-of-pocket expenses to the Office for Accreditation for reimbursement. It is acceptable, after consultation with the ERP Chair, for the program to arrange and directly pay for transportation, lodging, and meals on site. It should be noted that panel members receive no honorarium or other consideration for their time and service.

Late fee
A late fee is assessed for any statistical, biennial narrative, or special report received in the Office for Accreditation after the assigned deadline. If a report is more than 14 calendar days late without explanation, the Office will send a late notice to the program and to the institution's Chief Executive Officer. The COA may exercise its right to defer action on or not accept any report received fewer than 14 calendar days before the next regularly scheduled COA meeting.


I.23.1 Schedule of fees

Accredited programs are responsible for the payment of fees to support the accreditation process. Programs are notified of any fee change six (6) months before the billing date.

Precandidacy status
Precandidacy application fee: $1,000.00
Annual fee: $2,000.00

Candidacy status
Candidacy application fee: $1,000.00
Candidacy annual fee, effective fall 2012 billing: $922.88

Continued, conditional or initial accreditation status
Annual fee, effective for fall 2012 billing: $922.88

Accreditation review fees    
Comprehensive review fee: $1,000.00
Progress review fee: $1,000.00

Late fee (for any report received after the assigned deadline): $250.00


I.23.2 Other expenses

If the Director or other staff member of the Office for Accreditation is invited to visit the campus for any reason, the school is responsible for all travel, lodging, and meal expenses. However, if the Director or other staff member chooses to accompany an ERP to the school as an observer, the Office pays the expenses of this visit.