I.20 Confidentiality and disclosure

The Office holds narrative reporting and correspondence with programs confidential. Annual statistical reporting data are published on the Office website reports and publications page. COA members sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of their terms. ERP members sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of each review.

The following guidelines apply to the distribution of documents related to the accreditation process:

Program Presentation
The COA encourages every school to make its Program Presentation publicly available. The Office will make the Program Presentation available for educational purposes with permission of the school.

External Review Panel Report
The COA treats the report of the ERP as confidential, but encourages schools to make the report available publicly. If the school makes public only excerpts of the report, the Office, on behalf of COA, may elect to make the entire report public.

Decision Document
The COA treats its Decision Document letter as confidential correspondence. No modification to it may be made by anyone except the COA. The COA encourages the school to broadly distribute the accreditation decision and the reasons behind the decision.

Annual Statistical Reporting
The Office makes a trended summary of annual statistical reporting publicly available.