III.2 Composition of the External Review Panel

An External Review Panel (ERP) typically consists of six (6) members. As much as possible, the composition of the panel reflects the emphasis in the program’s Plan for the Program Presentation and any requests for areas of special expertise. Panel members are selected through a cooperative process involving the Dean of the program, the Committee on Accreditation (COA), and the Office for Accreditation. Each panel includes individuals active in academia and in practice. The COA has the final authority on the size and composition of the panel.

The COA invites a member of the Canadian Library Association (CLA) to accompany the panel for reviews of Canadian programs. The CLA observer is not a member of the panel, but is provided with all documents pertaining to the review. His or her role is to observe how the panel operates, not to influence its evaluation of the program. The CLA observer participates with the approval of the program and at the expense of the Canadian Library Association. CLA observers are expected to follow the guidelines for confidentiality as stated in Section III.5.4.