Accreditation Process, Policies and Procedures (AP3) update notes

AP3 is regularly reviewed for revision by Office for Accreditation staff. Substantive changes to processes, policies or procedures are approved by the Committee on Accreditation and will be posted on this page, in the Prism newsletter, and via email to program representatives. Updates that are editorial in nature will not be reported. The most recent changes will be listed on top.

Accreditation Process, Policies and Procedures (AP3), fourth edition (released June 2015) [pdf]

Previous editions of AP3 and recent policy revisions

These documents are provided for reference. Programs in the comprehensive review process (with a site visit in fall 2012 through fall 2013) may choose to use the second edition guidelines for preparation of the Program Presentation upon notification to the Office for Accreditation. ERPs reviewing those programs will be notified as to which edition the program is using.

Accreditation Process, Policies and Procedures (AP3), third edition (released May 2012) [pdf]