Google Map of ALA-Accredited Library and Information Studies Programs

This map includes main campus locations as well as other locations where the entire degree can be completed. 

Programs marked with (C) indicate conditional accreditation status. Conditional accreditation is assigned to a program that must make changes to comply with the Standards for Accreditation of Master’s Programs in Library and Information Studies to enable accreditation beyond the date specified by the ALA Committee on Accreditation (COA). Please note that these programs are fully accredited under the Standards.

Contact the school for more information. Use the searchable directory of ALA-accredited programs to search for 100% online programs.

See our guidelines for choosing a master's program in library and information studies for help in selecting the master's program that is right for you.


Google Map of ALA-accredited programs

To search in a specific state, province, or region

Note: Markers of programs in close geographical proximity may overlap at zoomed-out levels. You will need to center the map and then zoom in to see all programs located in a small area. Follow the instructions below once you are on the map.

  1. Center the map on the chosen area by using the arrow controls.
  2. Use the "+" button on the left side of the map to zoom in.
  3. Recenter at any time, using the arrow controls.

There may be several accredited programs near each other within small geographic areas, like New York city, so zoom in further to ensure that you have seen all possible options.