The first Core election will take place in ALA Connect and run October 5-25, 2020. All Core members in good standing as of October 5, 2020, will be able to vote in this special election. Results for the 2020-21 President and President-Elect will be announced on Monday, October 26, 2020. The new president, president-elect, and board members will be seated in November 2020.

In the spring of 2021, Core will join the regular cycle of ALA elections to elect the next president-elect.

Candidates for Core President, November 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

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Christopher Cronin

Tyler Dzuba

Evviva Weinraub Lajoie

The three candidates for Core President have prepared a joint candidate statement:

We are pleased to present a unified vision for Core, a division whose members “play a central role in every library, shaping the future of the profession by striking a balance between maintenance and innovation, process and progress, collaborating and leading.” This vision will be achieved through transparency, diversity, inclusion, knowledge sharing, collaboration, sustainability, and innovation.

Core is more than the sum of its parts. From the start, our objective has been to develop a new way of operating as a division of ALA: a way that centers agility, flexible structures, and member-driven initiatives. Core will invest in continuing education, advocacy, the skills and growth of individual members, and our membership as a collective. We are deeply committed to building inclusive structures and systems that enable all of our members to participate fully, prioritizing and supporting virtual engagement. We are poised to build this future together with all of you, our nearly 7,000 collective members. This work will not only define our new division, but will help articulate a new future for ALA during unprecedented challenges and changes.

In the spirit of unification, we are not campaigning against each other. There are no wrong choices. Along with over 100 volunteer leaders, we developed the basis for a division that we’re excited to make real together. While there can only be one President, all three of us will serve on the Board of Directors for two years. Together, we will continue to build out the vision of Core.

Perhaps most importantly, Core is a home for all who seek one. There is a place for you here and we welcome your voices.

Candidates for Core President-elect, November 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

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Lindsay Cronk
Candidate Statement

I'm passionate about the work that differentiates a library from a museum or a community center- the often unseen but critical labor that goes into organizing, managing, and maintaining library collections and services. Core work makes libraries libraries, and we should be swaggering on that labor—celebrating and trumpeting its intrinsic value.

In its first few years, Core will realize its promise as the first genuinely member-focused division of ALA.
Taking the powerful opportunity to right congenital wrongs embedded in ALA's current structures (inequity, nepotism, whiteness), Core will model a better way forward. Vote for me—I'd love to work with you to co-create something mighty, sustainable, and principled for all of us.

Here are three key opportunities I would hope to address in my term:

1)    Core can and should leverage our collective heft on behalf of vulnerable library workers, particularly Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Core should explore direct actions to alleviate burdens to participation through dues reduction and mitigation, prioritizing representation in awards and volunteer opportunities, and pursuing social justice in our initiatives explicitly.
2)    There is a specific lack of recognition for the foundational work of maintenance and ongoing efforts in libraries, a Maintainers Award, built with the robust ALCTS Awards model as a counterpoint to the Movers and Shakers honors from Library Journal, could help change perceptions both within and beyond the profession.
3)    ALA's precarious financial position has implications for the new division that we must address directly, forthrightly, and with care. As part of my work, I intend to be open and clear about Core's finances and efforts to ensure its long-term sustainability under ALA's umbrella or beyond.

Never forget—libraries are radical, and so are you. Let's build something better for one another.

Margaret Heller

Candidate Statement

Core’s launch as an official division comes at a time of profound change and uncertainty for its membership body. The good news is that the people who make up Core possess the exact skills that will be necessary to solve the problems that we will face over the next few years. From planning and executing new strategies to providing new types of resources and systems, we have the members who can help us adapt, rebuild, and create something new. Strong communities thrive through working together to solve challenges, but this requires careful and intentional collaboration between members and staff to form a cohesive vision, as well as choosing to work on the activities that will enact that vision.

Creating an equitable and truly welcoming community is especially important, because no success is possible without wide member participation. At a minimum, that means ensuring that ALA and Core membership is accessible to people at all income levels and educational backgrounds, that the division creates meaningful change for its members, and that plenty of training and leadership opportunities are available for underrepresented groups, with a minimum of red tape to qualify. Solving the real problems people face means listening to those problems, learning from them, and meaningfully changing structures in response to systemic issues.

Core has an opportunity to be a model for ALA and for the library profession as a whole. It can do this through addressing gaps in access to resources among libraries and their patrons, ensuring that our systems work for us, and increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion across libraries. We are a division of people who show up to do the work, and that is what will drive me to keep showing up throughout the first year of Core and thereafter.