Take Action for Libraries Day


Libraries = Strong Communities, Tell us how. #MyLibraryMyStory, Celebrate National Library Week. April 7-13, 2019.As a part of National Library Week and ALA's ongoing advocacy work, we are reaching out to ALA advocates and encouraging them to broadcast their library story. The #MyLibraryMyStory initiative is a video and social media campaign that aims to mobilize library advocates and get them creating and sharing digital content about their libraries, while engaging new stakeholders such as city leaders, nonprofits & community members. The goal is to create a space for advocates to flex their storytelling muscles and generate visibility for libraries!

ALA wants to highlight what you have to say, along with the incredible work you do, in a short video or photo during National Library Week 2019 and beyond. If you have 5 minutes to spare, tell us: How does your library help make your community stronger? Once you have your answer ready, post to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and say it loud and clear: #MyLibraryMyStory.

Check the National Library Week Toolkit for ways to get your community to share their library story.

Live Stream and Video Storytelling Checklist

Want to learn more about creating a great video or live stream? Download ALA's new Live Stream Checklist.

Social Media Advocacy Toolkit

Questions about social media advocacy best practices? Download ALA's new Social Media Advocacy Toolkit.

Need an awesome social media graphic to share? Download one of our templates and add your own story.


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