Bundle Information for ALA Conference Registration

Changes in Bundle registration for the 2017 Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits and Annual Conference & Exhibition

2017 Midwinter Meeting registration and housing open noon (Central) September 7, 2016 at alamidwinter.org.

For Midwinter Meeting registrants, Annual Conference registration and housing will open February 1, 2017, at noon (Central).

Annual Conference registration and housing open for everyone February 2, 2017, at noon (Central).

Starting with this Midwinter Meeting, we’re introducing a new way to reward people who register for both Midwinter and the Annual Conference & Exhibition in any given year. After the 2017 Midwinter Meeting, registrants will receive a personalized discount code applicable to Annual Conference registration. The discount code will be valid through noon (Central), February 15, 2017. (The discount will be equivalent to the past Bundle Registration savings.)

Midwinter Meeting registrants will have access to Annual Conference registration and housing on February 1st, 24 hours before those open to everyone else, and will be given plenty of advance notice of their priority registration date and time.

Why the change? Many reasons, but first and foremost, to make it possible for more members to save money. Under the old program, after September, there was no opportunity for members who, for fiscal or budget reasons, may not have been able to take advantage of the opportunity to bundle. This new way of discounting registration will allow anyone who attended Midwinter to earn the discount. The old system also presented challenges with opening and closing the system and tracking data between registration and housing. The new system eliminates those challenges and should provide members a better experience. The usual blocks of housing will be reserved. Everyone will now need to register separately for each conference, and we recognize that for some people, this will be less convenient. We hope that the improved efficiency of priority housing and the greater flexibility of discounts for attendees of both events will help mitigate any inconvenience. Be assured that we’ll evaluate this new approach to see how it works in 2017.

Please contact Mary Ghikas at mghikas@ala.org with questions or concerns.


For more information on the Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits, please visit alamidwinter.org

Attending both the Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits and Annual Conference & Exhibition offers you all this and more:

  • Special savings on registration
  • Priority access for registration and housing for the Annual Conference
  • 500+ programs and timely updates
  • 50+ Institutes and Preconferences
  • 1,000+ exhibitors and dozens of events in the Exhibit Hall
  • 100s of authors and illustrators
  • Wide range of high-profile speakers
  • Symposium on the Future of Libraries at Midwinter
  • Award announcements and celebrations
  • ALA JobLIST Placement Center
  • Peer-led opportunities
  • Informal networking and social events

More information on the 2017 conferences is coming soon.