2018 ALA Leadership Institute –
Leading to the Future Application Form

August 6-9, 2018; Eaglewood Resort, Itasca, IL
(Deadline Date: March 09, 2018)

Application is for:

If you are the applicant, please complete the following sections:

  1. Applicant Information
  2. Applicant Employer Information
  3. Applicant Demographic Information
  4. Applicant ALA Membership Number
  5. Applicant Personal Statements
  6. Attachments – current resume/CV and employer letter of support

The form should be completed in one sitting since information is not saved. It is best to have your personal statements already written so you can paste them into the form.

If you are nominating an employee, you will complete the first two sections of the application form and submit. The person will be notified that he/she has been nominated and sent a link to complete the application.

Please note the Selection Criteria:

  • Have at least 5 years of library work experience
  • Have a letter of support from his/her employer
  • Be ready to assume a higher administrative or managerial role
  • Be an ALA member at time of application
  • Be able to attend the Institute in suburban Chicago

Cost per participant for lodging, food, and materials: $1,650 (excludes travel)

Applicant Name:

Applicant home contact information:


3. APPLICANT DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION Demographic information is reviewed by the selection committee to ensure a diverse cohort and learning experience.


Race/Ethnicity Please select the one category that you most closely identify:

4. APPLICANT ALA Membership Number

5. APPLICANT PERSONAL STATEMENTS Note that all fields are limited to 300 words.






6. ATTACHMENTS [PDF files only]

Please attach a PDF of the applicant’s resume or CV that includes employment history, past and current professional affiliations, and awards and accomplishments.
Note: Keep filename relatively short with no spaces in it:

Letter of support

Please attach a PDF letter of support from applicant’s employer:
Note: Keep filename relatively short with no spaces in it:

Certification: I certify that all information on this form is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I have my employer’s support to attend the ALA Leadership Institute in Itasca, IL, August 6-9, 2018.

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