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What Is It?

The ALCTS Strategic Planning Web Site is an important tool for ALCTS members to plan activities, collaborate effectively, and gauge the association's progress.

Members enter information about action items and update the information as the work progresses and is completed or cancelled.

Action items will be reviewed by ALCTS section and division representatives. Over time the site will provide a general picture of the scope of ALCTS work not explicitly described in committee charges, which is the best way for each section to measure its progress in conjunction with the ALCTS Strategic Plan.

Therefore, action items should not be regular and predictable activities such as routine meetings, nominating candidates for section and division positions, selecting award recipients, performing charge reviews, etc.  This is not to say that these activities are not valuable to the organization.  They aren’t needed in the database because the ALCTS leaders are already aware of these activities and of how they fit in with the strategic plan.

Getting Started

Because the ALCTS Planning Web Site relies heavily on the information in the ALCTS Strategic Plan, we recommend you open the Strategic Plan in a new window so that you can refer to it throughout your session to help in determining which goals and objectives are most applicable to your activity.  Complete every required field before clicking “enter”.

Open a new window for ALCTS Strategic Plan.

For best results, use Internet Explorer* version 7 or later. Use the navigation to begin. Select:

Search results can be sorted in the FIND/EDIT function. The sort option is not currently available in the GET REPORT function.

Each entry in the Add Action Item screen has a HELP screen associated with it. Click on the H following the name of the entry to invoke the HELP screens.

The Objectives field is a drop-down list that will not populate until a Goal Area is selected. The Section Group and ALCTS Section fields work the same way.

To avoid losing data that you have entered, remember to complete every required field before clicking “enter”. 


If you need help entering data, reviewing your group’s progress, working with the strategic plan, or adding ALCTS activities, please contact a member of the Planning Committee and share your needs or concerns. We’re here to help.


Need Technical Help?

Send technical questions via email to the ALCTS office.

* If you choose to use a different browser, please be aware that the sort function on the find/edit results page will not work. We are trying to solve this problem and hope to have all of the features working in all browsers as soon as possible. If you would like to suggest a solution, please contact the ALCTS office.