50 State Salute-Criteria and Video Submission Information

Check out the "50 State Salute" videos created thus far on our map.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week, the national book community's annual celebration of the freedom to read. To commemorate this milestone anniversary, the Office for Intellectual Freedom is coordinating a "50 State Salute to Banned Books Week." The "50 State Salute" will form the core of ALA's participation in this year's Banned Books Virtual Read-Out and will consist of videos from each state proclaiming the importance of the freedom to read.

Many state ALA chapters have agreed to participate and we hope that your organization will join us by creating a video. Please note that the "50 State Salute" is for organizational participation only. Organizations could include state or regional library associations, local libraries, local bookstores, schools, universities, community organizations, etc. All individuals not representing an organization who wish to participate in Banned Books Week are encouraged to create a video for the Banned Books Virtual Read-Out.


The "50 State Salute" will consist of videos (no longer than 5 minutes) that emphasizes ways in which each state’s community celebrates the freedom to read during Banned Books Week. Videos can be as simple as a state representative reading a book that was banned/challenged in your state, or a reading a book by an author from your state whose works have been banned/challenged. We also accept more elaborate video montages demonstrating how a particular community celebrates Banned Books Week. A great example of a video montage we seek comes from Mooresville Public Library, Mooresville, IN. We strongly encourage all participating organizations to be as creative as possible, as long as the video's message focuses on how your state celebrates the freedom to read during Banned Books Week. For the "50 State Salute," ALA is seeking:

  • Only one video per organization
  • Each video from an organization should demonstrate how a particular community celebrates Banned Books Week
  • Videos from organizations can feature members of the organization, as long as the video promotes the freedom to read
  • Each video should be no longer than 5 minutes long

How do we participate?

If your orgnization is interested in participating in the "50 State Salute," you will need a YouTube/Google account. Click here to create one. Once you have created an account, click upload and follow the instructions. While your video uploads, you will need to create a Title, Description, and Tags.

Title: The title of your video should include "50 State Salute." An example is "American Library Association for the 50 State Salute" or "Washington for the 50 State Salute."

Description: Provide a brief description of your video. Your description should include a brief background of your organization.

Tags: Use "50 State Salute" as one of your tags.

Video submission and deadline information

We have extended the deadline to submit video for the "50 State Salute" to Friday, October 5. You will need to fill out this form to submit video.


If you have any questions regarding participation in the "50 State Salute," including questions about which state library associations are participating, please contact Nanette Perez at nperez@ala.org and bbw@ala.org.