Student Chapter of the Year Award

About the Student Chapter of the Year Award
The Student Chapter of the Year Award is presented in recognition of a chapter's outstanding contributions to the American Library Association, their school, and the profession. The purpose of the award is to increase student involvement in ALA through student chapters, and to recognize future leaders in the profession.

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2013 Winner(s)

University of Rhode Island

This year’s Student Chapter of the Year Award Committee praises the University of Rhode Island’s Student ALA  for its accomplishments in each of the six categories related to the Student Chapter of the Year Award. The committee was impressed by the chapter’s innovative, detailed application and by their commitment to reviving and nurturing their chapter to grow from only a handful of students to nearly 1/3 of the student body. The chapter leadership has approached this in a well thought-out and organized way to ensure the continued success of the chapter, and the committee is impressed with their efforts to reach out to regional and distance students, their extensive collaboration with their state library association, and their ambitious programming including organizing a conference on career development for librarians and students in the region.


Dr. Lauren Mandel, Faculty Advisor to Student ALA at URI, stated, “Truly, Student ALA at URI has gone from being an organization in name only to becoming an active student organization with increasing membership, activities and events, and democratic elections.” Dr. Mandel's statement testifies to the dedication and determination of the Student ALA of URI.

2013 Runner Up(s)

Florida State University

The ALA Student Chapter at Florida State University, is recognized for their diverse and frequent programming, and their impressive use of a variety of social media communication tools to reach students both traditional and online. The award committee commends them for their continued commitment to excellence after being named the 2012 Student Chapter of the Year.