Routledge Distance Learning Librarian Conference Sponsorship Award

About the Routledge Distance Learning Librarian Conference Sponsorship Award This conference sponsorship award honors any individual ACRL member working in the field of, or contributing to the success of distance learning librarianship or related library service in higher education.

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2015 Winner(s)

Christina Sibley

Distance Education Librarian, Arizona Western College

“Christina ‘Tina’ Sibley exemplifies all the qualities of an outstanding distance learning librarian: innovative thinking, active engagement with her learning community, leadership, and a passion for helping students succeed,” said award Chair Jennifer Hill of Johns Hopkins University. “She was reaching out to distance students and implementing programs long before distance learning was widespread in higher education.”

“Tina has been working at Arizona Western College for the past ten years, where she has built a support system for distance students and faculty and provides leadership for her colleagues and professional peers,” continued Hill. “Tina more than fulfills all of the responsibilities of a typical distance education librarian, such as embedding in online courses, creating tutorials and other instructional materials, and providing leadership on copyright issues surrounding online content for courses, but also goes above and beyond by partnering with nearby public libraries in her district to implement new programs. She does all of this and more at a rural, community college library with a small staff, and still finds time to share her knowledge by participating in local conferences and mentoring her peers and colleagues.”