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About the Booklist Editors' Choice: Reference Sources
Titles were reviewed in RBB from February 2006 through January 2007. All the titles are intended for a general readership at the high-school level and up. For our pick of the crop for students, see “Twenty Best Bets for Student Researchers” in the September 1 issue.

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2012 Selection(s)

The Encyclopedia of New Wave

By Daniel Bukszpan. 2012. 304p. illus. Sterling, paper, $24.95 (9781402784729).

Cheeky yet incredibly informative, this is an inexpensive must-have for any music collection and will do especially well in circulation.

The Encyclopedia of War

Ed. by Gordon Martel. 5v. 2012. 3,142p. illus. Wiley, $950 ( 9781405190374); e-book, $950 (9781444338232).

Whether examining the Angolan civil wars (1975–2002) or the course of the Arab-Israeli conflict, students and instructors alike will find much to like in this dynamic set. Highly recommended for high-school and academic institutions of all levels.

Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law.

2d ed. Ed. by Gregg Lee Carter. 3v. 2012. 1,096p. illus. ABC-CLIO, $294 (9780313386701).

A combination of solid scholarship, relevant subject matter, and efficient cross-referencing makes this set a must-have for public and high-school libraries supporting this perennial research topic.

The Lincoln Library of Essential Information

44th ed. Ed. by Timothy Gall and Susan Bevan Gall. 2012. 2,112p. illus. Lincoln Library, $249 (9780912168227).

As multivolume encyclopedias disappear from reference collections, this one-volume encyclopedia of information will continue to be useful in school, public, and academic libraries. The two years of free database access are an excellent bonus.

The Literature of War

Ed. by Thomas Riggs. 3v. 2012. 1,200p. illus. Gale, $400 (9781558628427).

This set covers the historical, cultural, and social context of a variety of literary works over time dealing with the subject of war. The content is valuable and comprises one of the more unique and specialized reference


Jan. 2012. Gale [].

The user-friendly layout, coupled with the ability to find pertinent information all in one place, is exactly what librarians need, not only at election time but year-round.

The New Atlas of World History: Global Events at a Glance

By John Haywood. 2011. 252p. illus. Princeton, $49.50 (9780691152691).

A superior resource whose approach readily lends itself to global comparisons and whose uniform layout makes it a fantastic “quick reference” for classroom use.

The Oxford Classical Dictionary

4th ed. Ed. by Simon Hornblower and others. 2012. 1,792p. Oxford, $175 (9780199545568).

This is a brilliant starting place for research into just about any facet of classics that one can think of, with a depth and richness of cross-referencing that make it an ideal and elegant tool.

The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization: v.10, 1973–2005

Ed. by Deborah Dash Moore and Nurith Gertz. 2012. 1,280p. illus. Yale, $150 (9780300135534).

This set will serve to promote, maintain, and improve understanding of the Jewish population and Judaism in general. Recommended for most academic, synagogue, and public libraries.

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry & Poetics

4th ed. Ed. by Roland Greene and Stephen Cushman. 2012. 1,664p. Princeton, $150 (9780691133348); paper, $49.50 (9780691154916); e-book, $49.50 (9781400841424).

The go-to resource for students doing research on poetry technique and terminology, the fourth edition of The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry & Poetics features many new and valuable updates and is an essential purchase for academic and large public libraries. Libraries owning the previous edition will want to replace it with this volume.