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2001 Selection(s)

The Boxer

by Kathleen Karr. Farrar Straus Giroux, $16.

Having learned how to box while in prison, fifteen-year-old Johnny sets out to discover if he can make a decent living as a fighter in late nineteenth-century New York City.


by Benjamin Lebert. Knopf, $17.95.

Sent to a boarding school to turn around his grades, and perhaps to spare him from seeing his parents' marriage fall apart, 16-year-old Benni, partially paralyzed on his left side, fells in with a group of misfits who are eager to fill their youth the thrills of being alive.

Dancing with an Alien

by Mary Logue. HarperCollins, 14.95.

After a virus kills all the females on his planet, Brnako falls in love with Earthperson Tonia and wants her to return with him to his planet.

Daughter of the Forest

by Juliet Marillier. TOR, $25.95.

Twelve-year-old Sorcha faces a nearly impossible task as she works to rescue her six brothers from their stepmother's magic spell.

Ghost Boy

by Iain Lawrence. Delacorte Press, $15.95.

Constantly taunted by everyone in his small prairie town because of his strange white hair and ghostly pale skin, Harold runs away and joins a down-on-its-luck traveling circus where he meets a host of characters who will change his life.

The Girls

by Amy Goldman Koss. Dial, $16.99.

Five girls in a middle school clique reveal how their manipulative leader exerts control over the group and causes hurt and self-doubt in their midst.

Gold Dust

by Chris Lynch. HarperCollins, $15.95.

Richard believes that learning to love baseball will help a Black Caribbean boy fit in to a racial charged Boston neighborhood in the 1970s.

No Condition is Permanent

by Cristina Kessler. Philomel, $17.99.

When Jodie's anthropologist mother decides they are moving to Sierra Leone, Jodie is worried about finding friends until she meets Khadi, a village girl who will soon be joining the mysterious "Secret Society."

Pay It Forward

by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Simon and Schuster, $23.

Torn Thread

by Anne Isaacs. Scholastic Press, $15.95.

"Whenever you can, ask yourself which choice might keep you and Rachel alive for one more hour". These are the words of wisdom spoken to Eva by her father when she and her sister were sent to a Nazi work camp in 1943. There they endured the horrors of the Holocaust and fought daily for that "one more hour".