Cicely Phippen Marks Scholarship (HISTORICAL)

About the Cicely Phippen Marks Scholarship
An annual scholarship consisting of $1,500 to a U.S./Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is pursuing an MLS specializing in federal librarianship in an ALA-accredited program.

A 24-year member of ALA who was active in both FAFLRT and the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS), Marks spent much of her career working in federal libraries.  After graduating from the University of Maryland’s Graduate School of Library Science in 1970, she spent 15 years with the US Veterans Administration Central Office Library Division. She then worked at the American Overseas Book Company until 2000, moving on to the Customs and Border Protection Library, under contract with PTFS, Inc., until her retirement in 2004. 

The Cicely Phippen Marks Scholarship is sponsored by the Federal and Armed Forces Round Table. The first Cicely Phippen Marks Scholarship recipient was announced in June 2007.

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