Fabulous Films for Young Adults

About the Fabulous Films for Young Adults
The purpose of this list is to identify for collection developers a body of films relating to a theme that will appeal to young adults in a variety of settings. Selection criteria consistent with the Library Bill of Rights shall be applied throughout the selection process. Titles chosen are of acceptable quality and are effective in their presentation.

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Award and Frequency

This award is given out on an annual basis.


To be considered for the list, films must be currently available for purchase in the United States. The film must be relevant in a noteworthy way to the chosen theme. In general, a whole series will not be included on the list. Individual titles from a series may be nominated and included. At the chair's discretion, the committee may consider multi-part programs. All segments must be previewed. Titles that are re-edited or re-released must contain a significant amount of new material to qualify for consideration and will be treated as new titles.

Application Instructions


Titles may be nominated by committee members as well as from the field. Field nominations must be confirmed by a committee member. Film makers, distributors, or producers may not nominate their own productions. They may request that a particular title be viewed by a committee member for list consideration.

Nominations for titles to be considered must fill out a suggestion form, and received no later than December 1 of each year. The administrative assistant will regularly disseminate a list of nominated titles to the chair and committee members.

Each committee member will receive items to preview throughout the year. These items are often sent by producers and distributors per committee request, although many are unsolicited.

To be nominated, a title must have been viewed by at least one committee member.

Committee members are encouraged to solicit the opinions of young adults on titles being considered for nomination.

Contact Information

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Selection Criteria

    * Technical qualities:
          o Is the photography effective and imaginative? (e.g. choice and handling of visuals, composition, color, focus, exposure, special effects).
          o Is the sound acceptable? (e.g. good fidelity and synchronization, realistic sound effects, relevant interplay between sound track and image).
          o Is the editing satisfactory? (e.g. continuity, matching, rhythm, pacing, length).
          o Do the actors have good voice quality, diction and timing?
          o Is the acting believable and convincing?
          o Does the narrator have good voice quality, style, diction and timing?
    * Content
          o Is it well organized?
          o Is the script well written and imaginative?
          o Is it timely or pertinent to young adult needs and interests?
          o Is the treatment appropriate for the subject? (e.g. animation, dramatization, documentary).
    * Utilization
          o Will it stimulate and maintain interest?
          o Is the format, vocabulary and concept(s) appropriate?
          o Will it affect attitudes, build appreciation, develop critical thinking and/or entertain?
    * Overall Effect
          o Are the technical qualities, content and utilization combined into a pleasing whole?
          o Does the film exemplify the theme in a meaningful way?