Equality Award

About the Equality Award
An annual award consisting of $1000 and a 24k gold-framed citation of achievement given to an individual or group for outstanding contribution toward promoting equality in the library profession. The contribution may be either a sustained one or a single outstanding accomplishment. The award may be given for an activist or scholarly contribution in such areas as pay equity, affirmative action, legislative work and non-sexist education.

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1987 Recipient(s)

Kathleen M. de la Peña Heim (McCook)

Kathleen Heim possesses a unique combination of scholarship and activism. As a scholar, she is unsurpassed in her research and documentation on the topic of women in librarianship. She co-edited the pathbreaking volume The Role of Women in Librarianship; compiled the comprehensive bibliography On Account of Sex and surveyed ALA membership to document pervasive sex discrimination.

As an activist, Kathleen simultaneously works on local, state, and national levels. She has taken students to Springfield for pro-ERA demonstrations, and chaired the Illinois Library Association ERA Task Force, and also served as ALA's representative to the national ERA Task Force.

As an educator, Kathleen recruits women and minority students and actively involves students in her work. Her sphere of influence expanded in 1983 when she became the only woman dean at Louisiana State University. In all her professional roles, Kathleen radiates high energy and unstinting enthusiasm. With her commitment, initiative and creative ideas, Kathleen Heim is an inspiring role model, and catalyst for change toward equality within the profession.