ASCLA Consumer Health Information Librarians Interest Group

Purpose of Interest Group:

The purpose of this interest group is to support those who serve users who seek reliable health and wellness information. This goal is to provide awareness of resources and networking opportunities for those who assist diverse populations to create a culture of health within their communities. This group is open to all employees of all types of libraries and agencies.

Interest Group Leaders:

Lydia Collins (,
Consumer Health Coordinator at the National Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region
Carrie Banks (, Supervising Librarian, Library Services for Children and Teens with Disabilities Brooklyn Public Library

Conference Programs:

American Library Association Conference (Session)

What did They Say? Cultural Competency & Multilingual Consumer Health Resources

The stress of having medical issues can be compounded by not understanding what the doctor is saying, how the health care system works or what the diagnosis means. This program will cover the basics of cultural competency in consumer health care librarianship and resources available to those of us doing this work. It will help us address the needs of our patrons and help us be more comfortable and competent in the work.

Date/Time: June 25, 2016: 1-2:30 p.m.

Other National Organizations/Potential Partners:

National Network of Libraries of Medicine -

National Library of Medicine -

Medical Library Association -

OCLC: Health Happens in Libraries -

Related Guidelines and Sources:

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