Selecting Spanish-Language Materials for Adults

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A four-week, Web-based course

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Explore the diversity of the Latino community with practical information on how to identify needs, collect materials, and market your collection.

Basic Course Components:

  • Module 1: Why Is It Important to Provide Spanish-language Materials?
  • Module 2: Goals in Selecting Spanish-language materials
  • Module 3: Who Are Your Latino Customers and What Do They Need?
  • Module 4: Working With the Community to Identify Needs
  • Module 5: Criteria for Selecting Spanish-language Materials
  • Module 6: Review and Selection Tools and Techniques
  • Module 7: Selecting a Distributor
  • Module 8: Types of Materials to Include in the Collection
  • Module 9: Marketing the Spanish-language Collection
Contact Hours: 8 hours

Yolanda J. Cuesta is an independent consultant specializing in helping libraries serve diverse communities. She has more than 25 years experience as a trainer and consultant with public libraries. Since 1998 the author has developed a catalog of 15 workshops on various aspects of serving diverse communities. She trains and conducts workshops nationwide.

Who Should Attend

"Selecting Spanish-language Materials for Adults" is an introductory course to help public library staff learn the basics of developing a Spanish-language collection. The course will start out by exploring the diversity of the Latino community with practical information on how to work with the community to identify needs. The special challenges in applying standard selection criteria to Spanish-language materials will be discussed along with how the differences in Spanish-language publishing impact the selection process. The course will cover the major issues and techniques in selecting and working effectively with a reliable, quality distributor to build the collection. Popular types of materials such as fotonovelas (graphic novels), magazines and newspapers, Latino music and best-selling authors in Spanish will be introduced. The course will conclude with, a brief overview of the most effective techniques for marketing the collection.

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