Volume 29, Number 2, Summer 2007

NEFLIN Offers Professional Media Resources for Its Members

NEFLIN's Multimedia Lending Library (MLL) is a collection of high-quality videotapes, DVDs, audiotapes, and CD-ROMs on a variety of library, management, and computer skills topics, from negotiating contracts for electronic resources to designing newsletters. These materials are available for two-week loan to NEFLIN members. For a list of all items in the MLL, go to MLL Web site.

Featured in March 2007, for example, was the twenty-minute DVD Marketing Your Library, which focuses on learning how to market your library's services to your community. From learning about your target audiences to crafting a mission statement, this program shows you how to create an effective marketing plan. In addition, you'll learn how to create a message for your library to make short-term and long-range planning a success.

Other related titles in NEFLIN’s Multimedia Lending Library are Libraries Create Success, Library Marketing: Tips & Techniques (College of Dupage, Library Challenges and Opportunities 2005), and Merchandising Strategies.

For more information, contact Patricia Hay, NEFLIN Continuing Education Coordinator at 904.278.5620 or by e-mail.