Volume 29, Number 3, Fall 2007

Correctional Education Libraries Acquires Bookmobiles

Glennor Shirley, Maryland State Department of Education, Correctional Education Libraries

In April, the Maryland Correctional Education Libraries acquired two mobile units that will serve all pre-release prisons in Maryland. Each unit is equipped with five computers, wireless access (plus satellite), and a forty-inch smart screen. The bookmobile will have databases and books that will provide inmates who are on their way back to the community with information on career planning, business directories, transitional housing, credit, GED, family relations, and personal development.

Programs and library services will be a collaborative effort between the library, the transitional coordinator, and the Maryland Division of Correction.

The bookmobiles were acquired through collaborative efforts between the Maryland State Department of Education's Correctional Education Program, the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, and the Maryland Correctional Enterprises. One received a lot of attention at the ALA Annual Conference in June, where it was one of ten bookmobiles in the bookmobiles-on-parade event coordinated by the Office of Library Outreach Services.

For more information, contact Glennor Shirley.