Volume 28, Number 2, Summer 2006

Wisconsin Digital Archive Pilot Project: Providing All Libraries Access to Electronic Wisconsin State Government Information Today and in the Future

by Abby Swanton, Wisconsin Reference and Loan Library

The Wisconsin Digital Archive Pilot Project (WDAPP) is a collaborative effort involving the Wisconsin Reference and Loan Library (WRLL), the Wisconsin Historical Society, and the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau. WRLL established the WDAPP using technologies acquired through the OCLC Digital Archive. The OCLC Digital Archive allows project staff to capture, preserve, and make electronic publications permanently accessible. The primary objective is to develop strategies for providing permanent electronic access to Web-based Wisconsin electronic government documents and to determine how state agencies can continue to fulfill their statutory obligation to participate in the Wisconsin Document Depository Program (WIDoc) with electronic formats.

Participation in the WDAPP is open to all libraries regardless of depository library status. Libraries are encouraged to participate in the pilot project by using the records that are being made available in WorldCat. Depository libraries are already downloading digital archive records into their local online catalogs and actively promoting access to the records through their local online catalogs or other online catalogs. Records can be easily identified as part of the WDAPP by the OCLC symbol WIDAG.

All digital archive records have been made available to libraries fully cataloged. A monthly digital archive record list includes WIDoc and OCLC numbers for each digital archive record entry for that month. These lists are accessible online. The first digital archive list is 2005-16 Digital Archive. Since the first list was added in late 2005, there has been one list available every month.

Further information is available from Abby Swanton or by visiting the following websites: Wisconsin Document Depository Program or Wisconsin Digital Archive Pilot Project.