Volume 28, Number 2, Summer 2006

What We're Reading

by: Susanne Bjorner, Bjorner & Associates

Tops on my reading list this month is Mosaic of Thought: Teaching Comprehension in a Reader's Workshop, by Ellin Oliver Keene and Susan Zimmermann (Heinemann, 1997). I wouldn't have picked it myself, but it's the featured One Conference, One Book title for the Indiana Library Federation meeting in April. I've participated in Indianapolis' One City, One Book reading groups previously and enjoyed exposure to works I would not otherwise have read. What a great idea to do the same thing for librarians as librarians do for their publics! Mosaic of Thought is promoted as being “beautifully written ... and chock-full of thought-provoking ideas that have implications for our work as supporters of reading and literacy.”

I saved Mosaic for a transatlantic airplane trip this week, but I've already started reading the tenth anniversary issue of Ariadne, the free quarterly Web magazine on digital library issues and technology. Appropriately, there are glances back in time by the founding editors, and looks forward by Cliff Lynch, “Research Libraries Engage the Digital World: A US-UK Comparative Examination,” and Jon MacColl, “Google Challenges for Academic Libraries.” But Patrick Lauke's “Accessibility Testing and Reporting with TAW3” gave me a good review of that free tool for testing accessibility of Web pages and an excellent, easy-to-read tutorial on issues in accessibility testing in general. Neatly, his examples tested the accessibility of Ariadne's Web site.