Volume 28, Number 2, Summer 2006

Congratulations, ASCLA 2006 Award Winners!

ASCLA is pleased to announce the 2006 award winners, who will receive their awards at the ASCLA Awards Luncheon on June 24, 2006 from noon to 1:30 P.M. during the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Make a reservation when you register for the conference and help us recognize these outstanding libraries and library workers.

Johnson County Library Receives ASCLA Exceptional Service Award

johnson county public library, kansas outreach services department members The Johnson County (Kans.) Library (JCL) outreach services department is the 2006 recipient of the ASCLA Exceptional Service Award. The award recognizes exceptional service to patients and inmates; the homebound; medical, nursing and other professional staff in hospitals; and inmates. It also honors professional leadership, effective interpretation of programs, pioneering activity, and significant research.

“The Johnson County Library’s Outreach Services Department not only brings library services to a wide array of people who cannot get to the library, it does so on the cutting edge of this type of library service,” said Ruth O’Donnell, ASCLA awards committee chair. “Each target group receives outstanding service that takes advantage of the latest technology and the strength that comes from partnerships with other service providers. It is truly an exceptional outreach service.”

The outreach services department has been reaching out to populations needing unique services for many years, both on its own and through partnerships with other organizations. The department's focus is community members who cannot come to the library. Throughout the years, the department has been developed an extensive program of services that includes services to children in child care, teens and adults in the justice system, persons with disabilities, homebound adults, and seniors in retirement centers or who receive home care.

Keith Curry Lance Receives ASCLA Leadership Achievement Award

keith curry lance Keith Curry Lance, director of the library research services at the Colorado State Library, affiliated professor in the library and information science program at the University of Denver, and independent consultant, is the 2006 recipient of the ASCLA Leadership Achievement Award.

The ASCLA Leadership Achievement Award recognizes leadership and achievement in consulting, multi-type library cooperation, and state library development. The award recognizes sustained activity that has been characterized by professional growth and effectiveness and has enhanced the status of these areas of activity.

“Keith’s work in library statistics and service evaluation has been vital for library development in the nation,” O’Donnell said. “Every library director, regardless of library type, owes him a debt of gratitude because of his leadership.”

Skokie Public Library Named Recipient of 2006 ASCLA/KLAS/NOD Award

skokie public library, illinois, youth services deaprtment The Skokie (Ill.) Public Library youth services department, is the 2006 recipient of the ASCLA/KLAS/NOD Award. Donated by Keystone Systems, Inc., the $1,000 award and certificate is given to a library organization that has provided services for people with disabilities. The award is presented by ASCLA and the National Organization for Disabilities.

The youth services department partnered with the Niles Township District of special education to form a youth services special needs advisory council to educate library staff about children with special needs, offer programs for the children and their families, present disabilities awareness programs for the general public, and bring students in special education classes to the library. The project was funded by a Library Services and Technology Act grant titled “Come On In: The Library Is a Special Place for Children with Disabilities.” The funds from the grant also provided for the addition of assistive equipment to enable all children to have access to library resources.

“‘Come On In! The Library is a Special Place for Children with Disabilities’ was started in December 2004 and continues to provide a remarkable array of adapted services for its target population,” O’Donnell said. “It is an outstanding example of the value of library and community agency partnerships developed to assure that everyone benefits from available library services.”

Tom Sloan Awarded ASCLA Professional Achievement Award

tom sloan Tom W. Sloan, executive director of the Southeast Florida Information Network (SEFLIN), is the 2006 recipient of the ASCLA Professional Achievement Award, a citation presented to one or more ASCLA members for professional achievement within the areas of consulting, networking, statewide service, and programs.

“Tom Sloan is a nationally known ASCLA leader who has achieved outstanding success as a state librarian, active member of professional associations, and innovator in multi-type library cooperation,” O’Donnell said.

Axel Schmetzke Named Francis Joseph Campbell Award Recipient

axel schmetzke Axel Schmetzke, Ph.D., is the recipient of the 2006 Francis Joseph Campbell Award. Schmetzke is professor, reference librarian, coordinator of instruction, and head of the instructional materials center, university library at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.

"Dr. Schmetzke's research, publications, and lectures in the area of accessible information technology have encouraged individuals who design online resources to meet the needs of library patrons with print disabilities," said Rahye Puckett, award committee chair. "He has raised awareness in online resource selection and developed strategies to create barrier-free virtual library environments in libraries."

The award is named for Francis Joseph Campbell (1832 - 1914), an American who lost his sight at the age of five. He was the music director at the Wisconsin School for the Blind and the Perkins Institute for the Blind. Campbell also was instrumental in the founding of the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford, United Kingdom, and was knighted by King Edward VII of England.

Rhea Rubin Named ASCLA Service Award Recipient

rhea rubin Rhea Rubin of Rubin Consulting is the 2006 recipient of the ASCLA Service Award, a citation recognizing an ASCLA personal member for sustained leadership and exceptional service through participation in activities that have enhanced the stature, reputation, and overall strength of ASCLA, as well as representation of ALA.

“As an independent library consultant since 1980 and when she was employed in a library, Rhea Rubin has generously contributed her time to leadership and service in ASCLA,” said O’Donnell. “Her work in the association dates back to 1972 when she was the first chair of the Bibliotherapy Committee. Of particular note is her work with the Accessibility Assembly, which she has chaired three times, her editorship and shepherding through ALA of the Accessibility Policy, and her stints as director on the ASCLA Board of Directors and several section executive committees.”