Volume 27, Number 1, Spring 2005

SOLINET Launches Online Job Bank

SOLINET is pleased to announce the addition of a new and useful member service –-- the online SOLINET Job Bank. With the convenience of the Internet, administrators may post positions available within the SOLINET region – the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean. Persons seeking employment within the region may browse the spectrum of available positions or search by the specifics of a particular job or by geographic location. In addition, the SOLINET Job Bank will have links to other library electronic job banks in the region.

In launching the new web-based service, Kate Nevins, SOLINET’s Executive Director, said: “Libraries of all types and related institutions are welcome to post opportunities. Pooling the listings of many institutions in this way provides a much broader distribution, to the benefit of both employers and potential employees. We believe the entire library community stands to benefit from this service.”

Access to the SOLINET Job Bank is permanently highlighted on the SOLINET homepage; once on site, all the information needed to search, browse, or post is there, including the principles of posting.

Founded in 1973, SOLINET is a non-profit membership organization serving more than 2500 libraries of all types and sizes in ten Southeastern states and the Caribbean. Primary programs are Member Services, OCLC Services, Preservation and Access, Electronic Databases, Library Products, Digital Services, Workshops, and Consulting.

Contact Robert Hulshof-Schmidt for additional information.