Volume 26, Number 2, Summer 2004

ASERL Offers "Ask A Librarian" Poster Free to Libraries Nationwide

The Association of Southeastern Research Libraries has developed three posters to promote the use of its cooperative virtual reference service, “Ask A Librarian,” and is making them available for free download to libraries across the country via the project website.

“The name we chose, ‘Ask A Librarian,’ is the most commonly used name for virtual reference services in the world. It’s simple, to the point. The ASERL posters are generic in their message, so any library calling its service by the same name can use them,” commented Derrie Perez, ASERL Board President and Interim Dean of Libraries for the University of South Florida.

Each of the posters carries the message, “When your deadline is near and you need help finding something . . . Go to your library’s website . . . Ask A Librarian.” Each is available at www.ask-a-libraian.org/press.cfm in a PDF format and in two different image sizes for printing by local libraries. “We would love to publish these posters and distribute them to libraries across the country, but the cost would be prohibitive,” noted Perez. “Through the ask-a-librarian.org web site we can make the files available, and libraries can print as many posters they want, in a format and size convenient for them.”

ASERL launched the first-ever virtual reference service cooperatively staffed by research libraries across a region in early February. Staffed by reference personnel at eleven ASERL member libraries, the service is available twelve hours a day, seven days a week.

The libraries that are participating in ASERL’s Ask A Librarian service are College of William and Mary, Va; Florida State University; University of Alabama; University of Central Florida; University of Kentucky; University of Memphis, Tenn; University of Louisville, Ky; University of Miami, Fla; University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Virginia Commonwealth University; and Wake Forest University, N.C.