Volume 23, Number 3, 2001

Accessibility: Internet Resources, June 2001

Accessible Technology

Compiled by: Audrey Gorman
Site Name Address Comments
ABLEDATA http://www.abledata.com Assistive tech from domestic and international sources
Alliance for Technology Access http://www.ataccess.org Rich site, inc. listings by state
Center for Accessible Technology http://www.cforat.org/ Information and services supporting technology use that respects individual differences; product reviews; links
Center for Applied Special Technology http://www.cast.org Information on universal design, Universal Design for Learning; more; home of "Bobby"; K- 12
Equal Access to Software and Information (EASI) http://www.easi.cc Access-to-information tech info, online courses, more, inc. libraries
IBM Accessibility Center http://www-3.ibm.com/able/ Accessibility checklists, guidelines, tools; laws and trends; partners and products
RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America) http://www.resna.org Listing of 56 state and territory Technical Assistance Projects; issues; publications; credentialing; Section 508 information
Trace Research and Development Center http://trace.wisc.edu Accessible technology solutions; universal design; links; rich site

Web Site Accessibility

Site Name Address Comments
Accessible Web Design http://www.makoa.org/web-desi.htm Design information; articles; more
Trace Research and Development Center (TRACE) http://trace.wisc.edu Technology solutions for people with disabilities, links, more
Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) http://www.w3c.org/WAI The source of definitive global guidelines and breaking news; evaluation and repair tools list; tutorials
WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind) http://www.webaim.org/ Courses, tutorials, news, other resources including Section 508
Center for Accessible Special Technology (CAST)/Bobby http://www.cast.org/bobby Well-known web site evaluation tool (See WAI for list of tools)

Disabilities and Accessibility

Site Name Address Comments
Center on Disabilities, California State University at Northridge http://www.csun.edu/cod/ Service ideas; international conference on technology and people with disabilities
Closing The Gap http://www.closingthegap.com Product info for people with disabilities; info on conference; ++
Council for Exceptional Children http://www.cec.sped.org Geared toward educators, good links; see parent site too
Disability Resources, Inc. http://www.disabilityresources.org Excellent guide to other Web sources + "Librarians' Connection"
LD Online http://www.ldonline.org Covers all aspects of LD; rich, outstanding site; clearinghouse
National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY) http://www.nichcy.org Information on all disabilities and related issues; lots of freebies/low cost
National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped http://www.loc.gov/nls/ Services, national network of cooperating libraries, digital talking book standards, Web Braille, more
Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic http://www.rfbd.org Resources on audio tape and in digital formats; recorded textbooks

Discussion Lists

Site Name Address [leave subject line blank; put next lines in body of message] Comments
AXLIB-L e-mail to listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu subscribe axslib-l yourfirstname yourlastname For librarians concerned with accessibility issues
KIOSK-L e-mail listproc@trace.wisc.edu subscribe KIOSK-L yourfirstname yourlastname Discusses strategies for making kiosks and touch screen products accessible
SEC508 e-mail listproc@trace.wisc.edu subscribe SEC508 yourlastname yourfirstname A forum for discussing issues surrounding Section 508
TECHWATCH e-mail listproc@trace.wisc.edu subscribe TECHWATCH yourfirstname yourlastname Administered by the National Council on Disability; discuss technology trends
TELECOM-L e-mail listproc@trace.wisc.edu subscribe TELECOM-L yourfirstname yourlastname Discuss telecommunications access guidelines put out by the US Access Board
UACCESS-L e-mail listproc@trace.wisc.edu subscribe UACCESS-L yourfirstname yourlastname Discuss universal access with regards to information systems
UNIVERSALDESIGN-ED (all one word) e-mail listproc@trace.wisc.edu subscribe UNIVERSALDESIGN-ED yourfirstname your lastname Discuss teaching or advocating for universal design and trying to educate in the broadest sense