Committee Meeting Reports

Please post a brief summary of your meeting by using the ALA Connect Workspace for your group. When appropriate, please post your report publicly so that other ASCLA members and ASCLA leadership may see the report.

If you experience any problems posting your report or need additional guidance, please contact

ASCLA Committee meeting and annual reports may be found in the ALA Connect workspace for each group. Below are the groups and their Connect workspaces.

ASCLA Committees Connect Workgroups:

ASCLA Accessibility Assembly

ASCLA Awards Committee

ASCLA Board of Directors

ASCLA Executive Committee

ASCLA Planning & Budget Committee

ASCLA Interest Group Coordinating Committee

ASCLA Legislation Committee

ASCLA Membership Promotion Committee

ASCLA Nominating Committee

ASCLA Online Learning Committee

ASCLA President's Program Planning

ASCLA Publications Committee

ASCLA Web Presence Committee