Board of Directors and Executive Committee

The The Association for Specialized Government and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA) executive committee is comprised of the president, the vice-president/president-elect, the secretary, the past-president, and the ALA divisional councilor. The executive committee shall be responsible for management of the Association between Annual and Midwinter meetings of ALA. The Association executive director shall be an ex officio member of the committee. All decisions of the committee shall be reported to the Board of Directors at its next regular meeting.

The Board of Directors has general responsibility for the affairs of the Association. Per the bylaws: "It shall consider and make all decisions pertaining to the Association as a whole at annual and other meetings, or between such meetings. This will include decisions on budget, programs, projects, and adoption of rules and regulations for the conduct of the Association and its subordinate units, such rules and regulations not to contravene the Constitution and Bylaws of the American Library Association and these bylaws. The Board of Directors is authorized and directed to create such committees, interest groups and other subordinate units as may be required to discharge properly the responsibilities and functions of the Association, and to disestablish such groups when their usefulness or reason for being has ceased."

Executive Committee roster Board of Directors roster

ascla board 2011

ASGCLA Board of Directors

Back Row, left to right:  Susan Hornung, Stephen Prine, Jeannette Smithee, Lisa Priebe, Tracy Byerly, Shannon O'Grady, Marti Goddard, Liz Bishoff
Front Row, left to right: Kathleen Moeller-Peiffer, Sara Laughlin, Stacey Aldrich, Carol Desch
Not in picture: Hulen E. Bivins, Lori Allen Guenther, Anne Abate