Strategic Planning for Your Online Library Branch

The current economic environment is leading to budget cuts and a reduction in Library service hours across the country. Libraries are being forced to shut their doors earlier, offer fewer services, and staff fewer Librarians to assist patrons. Having an online digital Library branch that is available 24/7 with a full service offering for patrons to access when physical Library branches are closed is an absolute necessity.

Additionally, with the reduction in budgets and staff, there is a heavier focus being placed on Libraries being efficient and productive with their services. Implementing the proper forms online saves paper costs, saves time spent manually processing paper documents, and increases the levels of customer convenience. The proper planning, assessment and analysis of the organization overall will ensure that the online services are developed properly and with the largest ROI to the Library.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why Online Branches are suddenly in-demand and - will they continue to be?
  • Learn about the current trends and developments in Online Library Branches
  • Understand how these trends benefit the Library and Library Patrons
  • Identify current Online Branch challenges
  • Learn about the planning process to get started, improve or enhance your Online Library Branch

Target Audience

Any Library that would be interested in providing higher levels of customer service, in providing 24/7 accessibility to services or in having a professional and effective online branch of their Library would be absolutely interested in this topic. Branch Managers, Library Managers, IT Staff (Library and County/State/City), and Marketing Directors are roles that would undoubtedly be interested in this session.


Cynthia Colmenares, Chief Executive Officer, Jack Frost Design
Ms. Colmenares has over 25 years if experience in the technology industry and is a digital marketing expert. She has lead multiple organizations through the strategic planning process to successful online web presences, including public libraries.

Beth Larkins, Account Manager, Jack Frost Design
Ms. Larkins has overseen and managed strategic planning projects for public libraries and other community-oriented organizations. She has over 10 years of experience in leading, facilitating and teaching groups of all sizes.


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