Internet and Web-based Content Accessibility Evaluation

Use the following evaluation form when your library is ready to evaluate the accessibility of any Internet or Web-based content, or interviewing potential Web site designs. This evaluation is a condensed version of the “Accessible Internet and Web-based Content Software Guidelines.” Only one correct answer is provided for each question. Only mark the box when the web content complies completely with the question, and refer back to the Guidelines when clarification is needed. The more marks means the more accessible the web content is for people with disabilities.

  1. For anything on a web page that is not text, is there a text equivalent for that item? _ Yes
  2. Is synchronized captioning, audio descriptions, or other equivalent provided for presentations that utilize both audio and video at the same time? _ Yes
  3. If color is removed, can the web site still be effectively used? _ Yes
  4. Does the web page allow users to specify how the page is displayed within the browser? _ Yes
  5. If a link is embedded in an image, is there an equivalent text link? _ Yes
  6. If information is displayed using a table(s), can columns and rows be identified by screen readers? _ Yes
  7. If frames are used, are they accurately text labeled? _ Yes
  8. Can any elements on the display that blink or flash be disabled without effecting access to the web content? _ Yes
  9. If the web site does not conform to acceptable and approved accessibility standards, is there a text only equivalent of the web site? _ Yes
  10.  If scripting is used, such as JAVA, etc., is there a text equivalent so adaptive technology, like screen readers, can read the information? _ Yes
  11. If a page uses a special applet, plug-in, or application to view information, is there a link on the same page for users to download the utility they need in order to access and display the information? _ Yes
  12. If online forms are used, can people using adaptive technology fill in and submit all the required information? _ Yes
  13. Is there a way for users, especially those using screen readers to skip repetitive navigational links? _ Yes
  14. If users are given a certain amount of time for an action or response, is there any indication how much time they have left or an option to request more time? _ Yes
  15. Is there a help page or easily identifiable contact for users who need further assistance? _ Yes