Electronic Database and Computer Software Accessibility Evaluation

Use the following evaluation form when your library is ready to evaluate the accessibility of non-Web based databases and computer software. This evaluation is a condensed version of the “Accessible Electronic Database and Computer Software Guidelines.” Only one correct answer is provided for each question. Only mark the box when the product complies completely with the question, and refer back to the Guidelines when clarification is needed. The more marks means the more accessible the product is for people with disabilities.

  1. Can just a keyboard be used to effectively operate this product? _ Yes
  2. Can you use the product while running adaptive technology or user enabled accessibility options? _ Yes
  3. Does the product have any of its own useful accessibility features to assist users? _ Yes
  4. If using adaptive technology, can users distinguish where they are on the interface? _ Yes
  5. Have controls and functions for operating the software been properly labeled or described? _ Yes
  6. Are images associated with certain user actions consistent throughout the program? _ Yes
  7. Can all text be read when using adaptive technology, especially screen magnifiers and readers? _ Yes
  8. Can any animations be disabled without interfering with the product’s performance, and do they all have a text equivalent? _ Yes
  9. If color is removed, can users still effectively operate and use the product? _ Yes
  10. If users can adjust screen colors, do the color choices allow for a variety of contrasts? _ Yes
  11. Can any elements on the display that blink or flash be disabled without effecting use of the product? _ Yes
  12. Can adaptive technology users effectively enter information where appropriate? _ Yes