ASCLA at 2014 ALA Annual Conference

June 26-July 1, 2014 in Las Vegas, NVALA 2014 Annual Conference logo

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Public librarians, consultants, state librarians are among some of the groups to find ASCLA’s Annual Conference programs innovative and valuable. This year’s events address trending issues and themes such as universal accessibility, resources and outreach for incarcerated youth and people with disabilities, and transforming library instruction into connected learning

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Noteworthy ASCLA Events

ASCLA/COSLA Reception and Awards Presentation
Hang out with your ASCLA colleagues and celebrate this year's award winners at the ASCLA/COSLA Reception and
Awards Presentation, scheduled for Saturday, June 28, 5:45 PM - 7:15 PM, Las Vegas Hotel, Pavilion 04. All conference attendees and guests are invited to this event! Add this to my conference schedule

ASCLA President's Program: Connected Learning and Libraries: At the Intersection of the Arts, Media,
New Technologies, and Informal Learning

Connected Learning is an exciting educational approach that is attracting increasing attention from educators, librarians, foundations, and governments. It makes learning relevant to all populations, to real life and real work, and to the realities of the digital age where the demand for learning never stops. Join Kylie Peppler, Advisor to the Connected Learning Research Network, to learn more about the connected learning approach, underlying research, and how it can be successfully leveraged in the design of library spaces and programming targeted at today's youth.
Speaker: Kylie Peppler, Assistant Professor, Learning Sciences Program, Indiana University, Bloomington
Sunday, June 29, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Kylie Peppler, an artist by training, engages in research that focuses on the intersection of arts, media, new technologies, and informal learning. Currently, Peppler’s work examines the media arts practices of urban and rural youth and youth with disabilities in order to support literacy, learning, and the arts in the 21st Century. An Advisor for the Connected Learning Research Network, Peppler has also conducted research on media arts in youth communities for the National Science Foundation, the Wallace Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Initiative.

ASCLA 101: Network, Get Oriented, Get Involved 
ASCLA: a small but mighty division. With more than 800 members national and worldwide, ASCLA is home to library consultants, and those that work in public, government, prison, and special libraries. Come meet some of our members and hear what they have to say about ASCLA and our diverse Interest Groups and volunteer opportunities.
Speaker: Lily Sacharow
Saturday, June 28, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM 


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