AccessAbility Academy


The first module of ASCLA’s AccessAbility Academy, Positive Interactions: Making the Library a Welcoming and Empowering Place for People with Disabilities, a webcast tutorial is now available for purchase here.

What Is It?

Positive Interactions: Making the Library a Welcoming and Empowering Place for People with Disabilities, a recorded webcast, is a tutorial and overview of information to help library employees feel fully prepared and confident when communicating and interacting with people with disabilities. The total length is 50 minutes, 53 seconds.

What You’ll Get:

  • A taped webcast presentation with tips and practical advice to help prepare library employees at all libraries, including public, academic, and special libraries, to effectively communicate and interact with people with disabilities
  • Positive Interactions is a recorded webcast the participant views on his/her computer any time of the day or night.
  • A library can choose to view the Positive Interactions webcast with the participants together in a meeting/training room.
  • A solid understanding of the broad and diverse types of disabilities, and how they impact the way people use the library and its resources
  • Strategies for interacting and building relationships with library users with disabilities that maximizes their empowerment and engagement
  • Tips for effective library outreach to people with disabilities and partnerships with related organizations
  • Customer service tips you can apply to all types of library users
  • Discussion exercises to prompt reflection, brainstorming, and help employees to apply the ideas to their own setting
  • Informational handouts and a quiz to test your knowledge following viewing of the webcast
  • A complete transcript of the presentation you can easily refer back to when you need some quick information
  • A certificate of recognition template to award to employees who successfully complete the module and test

Who Should Participate?

This webcast tutorial is designed to provide an introduction to all library staff, including support staff, general professional staff, age-level or subject specialists, managers and administrators about communicating and interacting with people with disabilities.


The webcast was developed and narrated by Brenda Hough, with the input and assistance of ASCLA members and volunteers. Brenda has been a librarian for more than 15 years. She has delivered training and education for the Northeast Kansas Library System, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WebJunction, the Public Library Association, Emporia State University, UIUC's Certified Public Library Administrator program, and more.

How do I purchase “Positive Interactions”?

Organizations can purchase this module for $199 for up to 10 participants, or $59 each for individual registrations. ASCLA members--organizational and individual--pay $99 and $29 each, respectively. Purchase it here.

Bulk Pricing: Academic library systems, state library agencies, and library cooperatives can purchase at a special bulk pricing rate, which provides 12 months of access.

  • 1-4 libraries - $500 per library
  • 5-9 libraries - $300 per library
  • 10-25 libraries - $200 per library
  • 26-50 libraries - $100 per library
  • 51-100 libraries - $75 per library
  • 101+ libraries - $50 per library

To purchase Positive Interactions at the bulk rate, please call 800-545-2433, extension 5, or email:, and ask for the special bulk pricing rate for ASCLA’s AccessAbility Academy: Positive Interactions: Making the Library a Welcoming and Empowering Place for People with Disabilities.

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Looking for More?

Looking for more learning resources on providing services to people with disabilities at your library? The next step is to enroll in ASCLA’s online course “Improving Library Services to People with Disabilities,” which provides more comprehensive, in-depth information and interaction with an instructor in an online course format about how to improve services to people with disabilities. Participants successfully completing the course receive continuing education units (CEUs). Group discounts are available! Read rave reviews of this course and get registration information at the ASCLA Online Learning page.

Product Evaluation

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