Access ASCLA

ASCLA has a number of tools to help you better understand the workings of the Association and to guide you through the process of working with ASCLA.

ALA Connect

Chat online, post documents, send messages to your group, set up an online poll/vote, create calendars with milestone dates: these are just some of the ways you can use ALA Connect to meet virtually and get organized around your group or committee. Get started here . You may also contact the ASCLA office for assistance in getting started in Connect.


The ASCLA blog, one of our main member communication tools, has all the news about programming, preconferences, online courses, elections, and other ASCLA events and activities. 

ASCLA Committee Meeting Reports

Please post a brief summary of your meeting by using the ALA Connect Workspace for your committee or group. Post your report to the appropriate committee or group in ALA Connect and make sure to check the "Public" box under Audience so that other members and ASCLA leadership may see and read the report.

ASCLA Interest Groups

ASCLA Interest Groups are virtual groups hosted on ALA Connect, the active online member community site of ALA. Each community comes together to share knowledge and enthusiasm for a specific subject and makes valuable contributions to ASCLA and its core interests.

JOIN one or more of our interest groups here.

CREATE a new interest group here.

Bylaws - ASCLA

Bylaws of the Association.

Committee Rosters

Charges and rosters for the ASCLA Board of Directors, Committees, Task Forces, Discussion Groups, and Sections.

Conference Calls

Members may wish to use a "free" conference call service as needed for virtual business meetings, such as or . Keep in mind that every participant who dials in pays for their own regular long distance charges (or minutes if they're on a cell phone), but there is no other fee or charge. You may usually record and store recordings without charge using these services

Contact Information – ASCLA Office

A listing of ASCLA staff members with areas of responsibility and complete contact information.

Discussion Lists

List of ASCLA discussion lists to keep you informed about important issues within the Association and the reference field. Enter ASCLA or the Core interest group acronym (ICAN, ILEX, LSSPS, SLAS) in the search field to see the ASCLA lists.


For an excellent overview of e-participaton with practical resources and virtual participation tools, please refer to this excellent wiki created by LITA, the library and information technology division of ALA.

Guide to Policies and Procedures

The complete Guide to Policies and Procedures for ASCLA, covering committees, chapters, sections, appointments, awards, and more.

Program Planning

Find more information and tools to help you plan programs and preconferences here.


Skype is a software application/IP telephone service provider that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet. Calls between users within the Skype service are free. Calls to people with landlines or cell phones who are not within Skype can be made for a fee using a prepaid account or a flat-fee annual subscription. Skype has also become popular for its additional features which include instant messaging, file transfer, and video conferencing.

Virtual Meeting Spaces

Please refer to the ALA Connect, Conference Calls, Skype, and E-particpation sections of this page.

Volunteer for ASCLA

Volunteer, or refer your friends and colleagues as volunteers, for ASCLA’s many fun and worthwhile committees. Instructions for how to volunteer for ASCLA can be found here.