Working with a Match

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Mentoring is a great opportunity to feel more connected to other members of the organization. It also helps in building leadership skills that benefit organizational service. Mentors share things they’ve learned in their own job to help their mentees avoid pitfalls and mistakes. 

You may have questions about how the ALSC Mentoring Program works. Please take the time to read the information below about how you and your match will complete the program.


The work between matches can be greatly enhanced by setting specific goals. The goal sheet will act as a contract between mentees and mentors. This goal sheet should be completed by the match and submitted by the mentee. Only one goal is required, but matches can chooose to submit up to three goals to complete.
Example goals: 
  • Learn more about the common challenges we all face in libraries
  • Make new contacts and network within the profession. 
  • Work together to come up with 6 crafts for the Bookbag program (ages 6-12).
  • Learn more about school librarianship. 
  • Discuss the qualities that make an effective manager/director. 
  • Look for opportunities to attend more conferences and trainings that are relevant to my career development.

Mentoring Forum

The 2012 ALA Emerging Leaders report recommended that ALSC offer “an online webinar and/or workshop at Midwinter or Annual about how to get the most out of a mentoring relationship” (Recommendation #3). The ALSC Mentoring Program will be offering an online forum for matches to discuss ways to improve their communication and goal-setting. A recorded webcast will follow the live webinar and be available for viewing. 

Communicating with a Match

Matches can choose how and when they communicate. The ALSC Mentoring Program is a virtual one, so most communication will be done over the phone, by email, video conferencing or online chat. While there is no requirement for in-person contact, If matches are geographically close, they can choose to meet in person. Opportunities at conferences may be made available to matches. 

Program News

In order to help keep matches informed, ALSC sends out a monthly email with news, events, and information. Each email includes suggested activities, discussion question, and a goal section for matches.