Mentoring Goals

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Setting goals with your match is a great way to get to know one another and an ice-breaker for de-coding expectations. The work between matches can be greatly enhanced by setting specific goals. Goals act as a contract between mentees and mentors. 

Sample goals

Below are some examples of goals submitted by past matches. In most cases, the best goals mean development in the skills and knowledge of both mentee and mentor.

  • Share songs, rhymes, play activities, and structure for baby storytime and related programming.
  • Find and discuss several resources for developing management skills in a youth services department.
  • Look for opportunities relevant to career development – not only conferences and trainings, but also literature and other resources to stay on top of trends in the field.
  • Learn one new early literacy tip or practice a month for the next 12 months.
  • Create early literacy packets to distribute to parents and caregivers to promote early literacy at home.
  • Piece a programming portfolio together over the course of the mentorship using Google Docs.
  • The mentee will read a wide selection of texts on programming, children's literature and story time activities. 
  • The mentee will develop a portfolio of story time lesson plans and programming ideas to implement in her future career.
  • We plan on measuring this goal by creating a bibliography of the articles we discuss and the resources we share.
  • To discuss ALSC committees and how to become more involved with ALSC.
  • Become more familiar with the Everyday Advocacy section of ALSC. I would like to have a strong Elevator Speech by the end of the mentoring program.
  • Focus on methods of program promotion and relationship building.

Submit goals

  • 2019 Goal Submission form will open October 2019