Get Ready Get Safe Book List

Building Emotional Resilience - Learning to Overcome Fears

Alfie Is Not Afraid by Patricia Carlin
With the help of his trusty dog, a little boy survives his first camp out.
Grades PreK-1
The Dark by Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Jon Klassen
Dark becomes a character and teaches a young boy how to stop being afraid.
Grades K-1
First Snow by Peter McCarty
Pedro isn't sure he likes the cold and snow, but his family and friends encourage him.
Grades PreK-1
I'm Not Scared Book by Todd Parr
Bright, bold illustrations and simple text show children conquering a wide variety of fears.
Grades PreK-1
Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt.
Scaredy Squirrel does not want to leave his tree for fear of killer bees, germs, and other disasters, but takes the leap and learns he can glide.
Grades K-3
Stormy Night by Salina Yoon
Bear finds several ways to ease his fear when a storm wakes him up at night.
Grades PreK-K
The Big Bad Blackout by Megan McDonald
When a hurricane knocks out the power, Judy, Stink, and their family find a way to pass the time.
Grades 2-4
Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival by Kirby Larson
This amazing, true story recounts how best friends Bob Cat and Bobbi, a cat and a dog, survive Hurricane Katrina by sticking together.
Grades K-3
What To Do When You're Scared and Worried by James J. Crist
Kids have worries just like grown-ups.  This book helps explain where worries and anxiety come from and gives kids tips to handle their worries.
Grades 3-5
Who Feels Scared? by Sue Graves
Jack, Ravi, and Kevin talk about scary things and how to deal with them during their sleepover in this story that includes a special section for adults on how to talk to children about dealing with fears. (From the Our Emotions and Behaviors series.)
Grades K-3

Understanding How to Prepare for Emergencies

Back-to-School Safety by Lisa M. Herrington
A simple book to help kids start learning and building their basic safety awareness in a variety of situations.
Grades K-2
Be Careful and Stay Safe by Cheri J. Meiners
This book helps kids stay safe in everyday situations and prepare for emergencies too.  Also included are discussion questions, activities, and games for practice. (From the Learning to Get Along series.)  
Grades K-3 
Blizzard by Joyce Markovics
Learn how to stay safe from winter’s icy blast. (From the It’s A Disaster series)
Grade: K-3
Fireboy to the Rescue: a Fire Safety Book by Edward Miller
Superhero Fireboy explains what to do in case of a house fire.
Grades 2-4
How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe? by Jane Yolen
Dinosaurs demonstrate what and what not to do to avoid getting harmed.
Grades PreK-K
No Dragons for Tea by Jean Pendziwol
When a tea date with a dragon is interrupted by fire, a safety-conscious girl shows what to do to extinguish the flame.
Grades PreK-2
Ready, Set...Wait! What Animals Do Before a Hurricane by Patti R. Zelch, illustrated by Connie McLennan
A look at how people as well as animals prepare for a hurricane.
Grades K-3
Terrorists, Tornados, and Tsunamis: How to Prepare for Life's Danger Zones by John Christian Orndorff
A list of tools and advice for prepping for and surviving a variety of disasters.
Grades 3-5
Watch Out! Around Town by Claire Llewellyn
Kids are given advice on how to stay safe out of the home and around town. (From the Watch Out! series)  
Grades PreK-2
What If You Need to Call 911? by Anara Guard, illustrated by Mike Laughead
Short stories help readers learn when and how to call 911. 
Grades PreK-2

Learning About Monitoring the Weather and Specific Types of Disasters, Including How to Respond

Earthquakes! by Renee Gray-Wilburn
A graphic novel approach to earthquakes and safety.
Grades 2-3
Extreme Weather: Surviving Tornadoes, Sandstorms, Hailstorms, Blizzards, Hurricanes, and More! by Thomas M. Kostigen
Includes tips on what to do before, during, and after extreme weather.
Grades 3-5
Flood by Alvaro F. Villa
A wordless picture book showing the preparations for - and recovery from - a major flood.
Grades K-3
Hurricane & Tornado written by Jack Challoner
Describes dangerous and destructive weather conditions around the world.
Grades 3-5
Kenta and the Big Wave by Ruth Ohi
Kenta and his family must evacuate their home in a small Japanese village as a tsunami approaches.  Inspired by true events.
Grades K-3
National Geographic Kids Everything Weather: Facts, Photos, and Fun that Will Blow You Away by Kathy Furgang
Packed with weather-related information ranging from weather extremes such as heat and storms, to weather prediction and preparedness.
Grades 3-6
Surviving a Fire by Heather Adamson
Learn what to do when faced with a disaster. (From the Be Prepared series)
Grades 2-4
Tornadoes: Be Aware and Prepare by Martha Rustad
Describes what each disaster is and what to do in case you are caught in one.  (From A Plus Books: Weather Aware series)
Grades K-2
Twisters and Other Terrible Storms: a Nonfiction Companion to Twister on Tuesday by Will Osborne and Mary Pope Osborne.
Describes how meteorologists predict and study storms.
Grades 1-4
Compiled by ALSC Quicklists committee
Co-chairs: Krista Britton & Mary R. Voors
7 June 2015