Roles and Responsibilities

The President is the chief elected officer of the division and chairs the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. S/He oversees that the Bylaws are observed by the officers and members of the Board of Directors and that directives of the Board are executed. S/He recommends to the Board such actions as s/he deems to be in the best interest of the Division.

The President presides at all meetings of the Division, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee, is responsible for the continuing program of the Division, and serves as an ex-officio member of all committees, with the exception of the Nominating Committee, without the right to vote, except in the case of a tie.

The President is responsible for appointing committee members or representatives according to the Fall and Spring appointment schedules and when their posts become vacant during his/her year of office, or when new committees and task forces are created.

In September, makes appointments of Arbuthnot Honor Lecture, Batchelder Award, Belpre Award, Caldecott Award, Carnegie Medal/Notable Children's Videos, Children and Libraries Editorial Advisory, Geisel Award, Great Websites, Newbery Award, Notable Children’s Books, Notable Recordings, Sibert Award, and Wilder Award Committees.

ALA Conference Program Responsibilities
S/He has responsibility for planning, in consultation with the Executive Director, the Division’s Membership Meeting and President’s Program for the Annual Conference held during the year of his/her presidency. (ALA Bylaws, Article IV, Section 2[c].)

ALSC Communication Responsibilities
Children and Libraries journal - S/He prepares an incoming message to the membership to be published in the fall issue of Children and Libraries and an outgoing message in the summer issue.

ALSC Matters! newsletter – Prepares articles for the following issues: September, December, March, June. The editor will send samples of past articles.

ALSC Blog – S/He will post monthly articles. The ALSC staff liaison will provide schedule and suggestion of topics at start of presidential year.

ALSC Community Forums – S/He will host quarterly Community Forums to take place following the Annual Conference after taking presidency, Fall Executive Committee meeting, Midwinter, Spring Executive Committee call.

Annual Report - S/he prepares an Annual Report, due mid-May, for inclusion in reports to the ALA Council at the Annual Conference. The ALA Governance office will communicate due date. ALSC staff will assist in compiling accomplishments.

Arranges regularly scheduled calls (usually weekly) with the Executive Director and Vice-President/President-Elect throughout presidency.

Send welcome note/email to ALSC’s Emerging Leader when announced in October.

ALSC Committee Responsibilities
The President serves as an ex-officio member of the Children and Libraries Advisory Committee.

President’s Calendar

Annual Conference

  • Assumes presidential duties at last ALSC Board meeting.


  • Sets Community Forum topic
  • Hosts online Community Forum


  • President might send a communication to the Board now, or at any time, regarding plans for the year or requesting special attention to current projects or problems.
  • May also send instructions to committee chairpersons for years’ program.
  • Submits article to newsletter.


  • By September 1, sends list of fall appointments to ALSC committees for vetting. Selections are based upon committee chairpersons’ recommendations, volunteer forms, own knowledge of abilities and possible discussion with ALSC Staff. Once vetting is completed, issues invitations through appointments database.
  • ALSC staff requests meeting space for Board and Executive Committee meetings, program time slots, Newbery and Caldecott, Priority Group Consultants and Division Leadership meetings at Midwinter and Annual Conferences in consultation with the President.
  • Prepares agenda for Executive Committee Fall Planning Meeting.
  • Attends Concurrent Meeting and chairs the Executive Committee Fall Planning Meeting.
  • Plans for Leadership & ALSC meeting during Midwinter. Identifies topic and guest speaker.


  • Submits article to Newsletter by Mid-November


  • President, Priority Group Consultants and committee chairs receive a schedule of all meetings scheduled for the Division during the Midwinter Meeting.
  • Submits President’s report for Annual Conference consent agenda.
  • President prepares agenda for Midwinter Board meetings in consultation with the ALSC Executive Director.


  • ALSC office uploads agendas, committee reports, and other background material to ALAConnect and emails Board members of their availability preceding Midwinter Meeting.
  • Submits article for newsletter by mid-January.

Midwinter Meeting

  • Tentative approval for ALSC budget and budget priorities for coming year given by ALSC Board.
  • Detailed plans for Division President’s Program at Annual Conference are shared with the Board.
  • Attends Division Presidents’ Breakfast.
  • Attends ALA President’s function.
  • Announcement at Press Conference of winners of the Batchelder, Belpré, Caldecott, Carnegie, Geisel, Newbery, Odyssey, and Wilder awards and the next Arbuthnot lecturer.
  • Attends key committee meetings.
  • Chairs Priority Group Consultants meeting.
  • Announcement of following awards at Board meeting: Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers, Book Wholesalers, Inc., Bechtel, and Hayes.
  • Presides during the Leadership & ALSC meeting.


  • Submits annual report for ALA Council by end of month.
  • Submits outgoing article for summer/fall issue of Children and Libraries.
  • Prepares welcome remarks for Arbuthnot Lecture in consultation with host site lead and Arbuthnot Chair.
  • Submits article for newsletter by mid-April.

April- May

  • Attends Arbuthnot Honor Lecture and delivers welcome remarks.


  • President prepares agenda for Board Meetings at Annual Conference in consultation with ALSC Executive Director.
  • Submits President’s report for Annual Conference consent agenda.
  • Prepares opening/welcome remarks for the following in late May. ALSC office will send templates:
  • Newbery-Caldecott-Wilder Banquet (opening/presiding)
  •  Membership Meeting (opening/presiding)
  • Awards Presentation (opening/presiding)
  • President’s Program in consultation with program chair. (welcome)
  • Pura Belpré Celebracion (welcome)
  • Preconference, if scheduled (welcome)


  • ALSC office uploads agendas, committee reports, and other background material to ALAConnect and emails Board members of their availability preceding Midwinter Meeting.

June/July - At Annual Conference

  • Presides at all ALSC functions, unless delegated to others.
  • Attends ALA, AASL and YALSA events when invited representing ALSC
  • Attends ALA President’s function and Division Presidents’ Breakfast.
  • Attends key committee meetings.
  • Attends inauguration of President-Elect.
  • Presents gavel to President-Elect at final Board meeting.