Officially Speaking | May 2017

Our Strategic Plan: Transforming ALSC, Children's Librarianship, and Communities

I’m a visual thinker. So when, at the October ALSC Board strategic planning session, we sketched a way to articulate how our “goal areas” could affect “spheres of transformation,” I formally fell for our new strategic plan.   
Our Vision, “Members of the Association for Library Service to Children engage communities to build healthy, successful, futures for all children,” requires we spend our next few years advancing work in three goal areas:
  • Diversity & Inclusion: ALSC will become more diverse and inclusive, acting to promote these values in all aspects of library service to children.
  • Advocacy: ALSC will champion the value of library service to children and the resources necessary to deliver on our vision.
  • Learning & Development: ALSC will actively develop new generations of leaders.
The work in these areas has the potential for influence within our organization, our profession, and the communities we serve, as expressed through the spheres of transformation:
Transforming ALSC: Members have clear, welcoming pathways to contribute to the work of the organization.
Transforming Children’s Librarianship: ALSC empowers the profession to be nimble and embrace change as children’s needs evolve.
Transforming Communities through Libraries: ALSC and libraries are essential partners in a comprehensive system of care for children.
The current plan identifies concrete, measureable, and time-bound objectives within each goal area and sphere. The entirety of the plan is based upon input and feedback received from members and stakeholders through multiple channels throughout the process. Thank you for contributing your thoughts and experience to this plan, and to the ALSC Board of Directors and staff for crafting it. 
Now the fun part starts! Many of you will be working on these objectives through ALSC’s committees, or on one of the two new task forces just established to start on specific areas of the plan: the Summer and Out-of-School-Time Learning Task Force, and the Research Agenda Task Force.
You may see other ways to contribute, have ideas for how to expand on these objectives, or see a critical piece that is missing and will be required to get us to the next step. The ALSC Board will be reviewing progress on and updating the plan, but we need your eyes too on the vision, and the road. Don’t be shy in sharing when you see challenges or successes along the way.--Nina Lindsay, ALSC President