Working with a Match

Mentoring is a great opportunity to feel more connected to other members of the organization. It also helps in building leadership skills that benefit organizational service. Mentors share things they’ve learned in their own job to help their mentees avoid pitfalls and mistakes. 

You may have questions about how the ALSC Mentoring Program works. Please take the time to read the FAQ below about how you and your match will complete the program.

Mentoring Forum

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015 matches are invited to participate in the next ALSC Mentoring Forum. This hour-long online forum is an opportunity for mentors and mentees to discuss goals, expectations, and activities. This forum will be offered through Adobe Connect. An archived version of the forum will be available after the live session. 

Match FAQ

What are the goals of the individual matches?
At the beginning of their year, matches will build their own goals together. The goals should be built with the ALSC’s seven program goals (above) in mind. Matches must submit their goals to the ALSC office 30 days after the match has been made. You can submit your goal sheet to Dan Bostrom, Download the ALSC Mentoring Program Goal Sheet
What sort of things do matches do?
Based on the research performed by the 2012 ALSC Emerging Leaders Project Team, survey respondents preferred a casual relationship rather than that of formality and paperwork. The ALSC Mentoring Program provides suggested activities such as resume reviews or mock interviews. From time to time, the mentoring pairs will be making videos available to matches that examine what to expect, how to guide a mentee, what the responsibilities are for both parties, etc. Find some suggested activities that might interest you. 
How do matches communicate?
Matches can choose how and when they communicate. The ALSC Mentoring Program is a virtual one, so most communication will be done over the phone, by email, video conferencing or online chat. While there is no requirement for in-person contact, If matches are geographically close, they can choose to meet in person. Opportunities at conferences may be made available to matches. 
What happens if a mentee/mentor is unhappy with their match?
The ALSC Mentoring Program has a 45-day match guarantee. If either party is unsatisfied by 45 days into the program that individual may request a re-match. The ALSC staff will do as much as it can to accommodate this request. It may not be possible to re-match in which case the individuals will need to reapply for the following mentoring period. 
What training will be available for matches?
The 2012 ALA Emerging Leaders report recommended that ALSC offer “an online webinar and/or workshop at Midwinter or Annual about how to get the most out of a mentoring relationship” (Recommendation #3). The ALSC Mentoring Program will be offering an online forum for matches to discuss ways to improve their communication and goal-setting. A recorded webcast will follow the live webinar and be available for viewing. 
For information on training and mentoring development within the ALSC Mentoring Program, please contact Dan Bostrom,
How will the program be evaluated?
At the end of each mentoring period, mentors and mentees will complete a survey. In it, each participant will discuss the positives and negatives of the program. It is the responsibility of the advisory task force to review these surveys and write a final report based on them. This will be done on an annual basis. 
Can you direct me to other resources?
Sure. Please consult the other resources section for more information on mentoring.