Mentoring Forum

In December 2015, ALSC hosted the ALSC Mentoring Forum: Ideas, Support, and Tough Love.  Both mentees, mentors, and anyone interested in mentoring were invited to come discuss how to interact and grow in their match. The forum included live audio from ALSC Marketing Manager, Dan Bostrom and former mentor Marybeth Kozikoski, and former mentee Rachel Sharpe. This event took place Wednesday, December 16, 2015.

Learning Outcomes

The mentoring forum will explore what it means to be a mentor and mentee. This includes a chance for participants to ask questions and trade ideas. The forum will be structured like this:

  1. Working with a match
  2. Setting goals
  3. Communicating and setting expectations
  4. Addressing challenges
  5. Q & A


The ALSC Mentoring Forum takes place in Adobe Connect. This event is held twice a year and is open to all mentors and mentees. This event will be archived for future viewing. To view archived webcast from spring 2015 and previous years, please see below. The links will open up a new window in Adobe Connect.