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photo of Andrew Medlar Andrew Medlar
Chicago Public Library
From the moment that the appointment to serve on the Caldecott committee dinged up on my desktop, I've never turned back or regretted a second of ALSC!  Since then I've had a blast giving back to others as a member of the Friends of ALSC Task Force, strengthening my own skills as Chair of the Budget Committee and reading lots of amazing books as a member of the Wilder committee.  At the end of the day though, it's all about the people: the grown-ups we work with and the kids who benefit.  Being involved in something bigger than yourself and contributing to a community, and communities, beyond your own building, city, and state is a very good thing!  And whether it's by placing a gold sticker on a book that will be loved by kids born 100 years from now, stewarding the money that provides programs and services for a nation of young readers, and/or having a laugh and a triple non-fat cappuccino with new and old friends at conferences and institutes, ALSC committee work is the absolute highlight of any professional (and personal!) life.  So, can I pick up a latte for you, too?


Photo of Nina with the Newbery Committee Nina Lindsay
Oakland Public Library
The first committee I was ever on was the Newbery Committee--I volunteered to 'do anything' but got the golden ticket!  Since then, I've worked on numerous other committees, and was the 2008 Newbery Committee chair.  Each assignment has provided me with leadership experience that I could not have gotten otherwise, such as developing conference events, speaking to the press, making formal motions to the Board, and calling an author at 6 a.m. to tell her she's won the Newbery Award.  All the while, I've been supported by an amazing base of colleagues throughout the nation, who I can now count on for most anything, from trading best practices to a spare room when I'm on vacation.  My participation in ALSC has given me a whole extra layer of job satisfaction.  When I'm at the front desk in my library and can provide patrons with Notable materials, or Every Child Ready to Read information, I know I'm helping on multiple levels.  These programs and products from ALSC would not exist without the work that members contribute.  I hope to meet you on a committee soon!


Amber Creeger Amber Creger
Chicago Public Library
When I first joined ALA a couple of years ago the organization itself seemed really large and difficult to navigate.  I knew I wanted to be an active member but I wasn't sure how to go about it.  So at one of the conferences, I attended ALSC's all committee meeting and visited different committee tables to see what exactly committee work entailed and to decided where I might be interested in volunteering.  One thing I noticed right away was that everyone was so friendly and welcoming.  I met past and present ALSC presidents, learned about important new initiatives, and I discovered that my newbie voice and ideas were just as important as everyone else.  A few weeks later I was please to discover that I had been invited to serve on ALSC's Children and Technology Committee.  Working with this committee has given many great opportunities not only to grow personally, but professionally.  Through this committee, I have been able to publish my first professional article and I was given an opportunity to be a presenter at an ALA symposium.  Granted committee work can be hard and frustrating at times, the perk of being able to openly give and receive ideas among a regionally diverse group of peers is something I find refreshing and worthy of giving my time to.


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